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                      APP temporarily authorize password, unlock without distance

                      Wherever you are, you can share the temporary password with your friend, relatives, baby-sitter to open the door,

                      it will save time and energy. It also can set the effective time and end time for opening the door, more secure.


                      You can check the access record of your family by APP


                      Unlock abnormally, APP warning without delay

                      Wherever you are, it will warn you of abnormally unlock without delay


                      Smart linkage, push the door and everything is ready in the house

                      Lock link to other home appliance, after opening the door, the light is on and A/C is on......


                      Four unlock ways: fingerprint, password, card, key


                      Apply biological fingerprint identification technology, sensitive

                      Use Swedish FPC semi-conductor fingerprint collector, apply biological fingerprint identification technology,

                      sensitive, prevent fake fingerprint effectively.


                      false or true password combination, it will be more secure to unlock


                      Auto fingerprint window in clamshell design

                      protect fingerprint reader effectively