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                      Four detections, laser sensor responds immediately

                      Combine PM2.5, temperature, humidity, VOC detction together, built-in highly accurate laser sensor,

                      respond immediately, get the result within 5 seconds.


                      HD Mirror,OLED self-luminous display

                      Classical black&white design, black HD Mirror, OLED self-luminous dislpay and white body,

                      visually display detection data of PM2.5, temperature,humidity and VOC.


                      Cloud share APP, remote inquire live data

                      Air detector adopt WIFI comminication mode and can be bound with several accounts, cloud share detection data.

                      User can download APP, remote monitor and inquire, know the air quality at any time.


                      History,24-hour air detection on-line

                      24-hour history detection curve, check any curve of PM2.5, temperature, humidity and VOC


                      Smart linkage, purify the air automatically

                      When the air detector detects that the air quality is not good, it will smart linkage air-con or air purifier.


                      Light and handy, used in any space

                      Hold in hand, used in house, office or car.