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                      Company Introduction

                      Shenzhen Atte Smart Life Co.,Ltd. (Atte) is a domestic leading Hi-Tech company which focus on R&D and producing smart home product and robot. It is invested by domestic famous industrial capital and the registered capital is ninety million RMB(paid in).

                      Atte has completed the development layout of smart home, smart hardware and robot by rich technology strength, powerful R&D team and continuous innovation. In smart home respect, Atte come into being all-around smart system solution which combine smart community, smart building and smart home together, the products are widely applied in the community, hotel, villa, office building. In smart hardware respect, Atte follow the design philosophy of "natural smart、simple and easy use", make out smart single product adapting to all users' operation. At present , smart single product mainly includes iCool(good companion for air-con)、iBell(smart door bell). In robot respect, Atte focus on R&D and producing home-use robot, including serving robot, pet robot, accompanying robot.

                      Atte devote itself to creating top brand of smart home industry and always insist on leading industrial revolution by advanced technology and high-powered product and service. Bring smarter home life to human beings and explore future infinite possibilities of smart home.